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Please take a moment to share with me your name, hometown and any thoughts or reflections that occurred to you as you visited my website....and thank u for taking time to do so........Bob
You can contact me at ...bobandkandi@gmail.com ...

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Question   Outstanding Photography
Hi Bob!
I've been looking at several deluxe websites tonight and I'm still in awe accompanied by a sense of inner peace. Your site is by far the most superior of all. The colors, clarity, and your amazing ability to capture the beauty God has created and to place it within the hearts and souls of your audience is the ultimate dream of an upcoming professional photographer. Congrats on an outstanding superior website! I read your bio and you must know Enumclaw (my hideaway).

- Cheri K. OBrien 5/1/2005 9:53:05 PM

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Question   Beatiful Website and Photo Gallery!
We love your photography! You have such beautiful pictures here. We will check this site often to see if you post new work. I am enjoying your photos that mom bought me for my graduation present so much every day!

- Emily Adams 12/13/2004 4:07:01 PM

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Question   The great work shown on your website
Dear Bob, what a joy to go through all of the beautiful photographs on your website...Excellent work. It is easy to get around on the website..I like the search option..the organization by categories.. the quality of the photographs..and I've found two more photographs that I want. I think "Swift River Color" and "Relections, trees on water" are the same...are they not? I also like "Reflected Color". Please let me know about the two I think are the same and I'll be back in touch with the sizes that I want. Thanks, Judie C.

- Judie Cothrun 11/6/2004 6:44:56 AM

  Answer thank u, Judie, for your input....it's helpful to get your impressions and I'm glad you liked the photos.....please stay in touch......Bob

- Bob P.  11/7/2004 4:53:01 AM

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