I was born in Michigan, grew up there, attending Michigan State University, where I played basketball and baseball. After graduation, I entered medical school and in 1971, graduated from Univ. of Washington in Seattle. Upon completion of residency training in OB-GYN, I practiced OB/GYN in Hickory NC for 34 years, retiring in 2010.

That change has allowed me more freedom to explore my number one passion (outside my family).... photography.

With my wife of 38 years, Kandi, we have found life in western NC to be a wonderful place for so many different things, one in particular, exploring the beauty of the mountains, the lakes, rivers and waterfalls, the abundance of beautiful flowers and finally, the people who live and love here....it's a wonderful place for enjoying photography.

As a photographer, I delight in finding a composition that others might not see and have used that ability to capture prints that have won numerous awards, have been featured by advertising companies,in calenders and in magazines and are displayed in offices, hospitals and private homes throughout N. Carolina and the US. I have utilized both film and digital equipment but, since 2005, have converted completely to digital.

We hope that you enjoy my work and that you might find something here that you will wish to share with others in your home or office.

You can contact me at ...bobandkandi@gmail.com ...