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from Joyce ONeil Congrats on AMPC Finalist

Hi Bob.... I'm also a Finalist with AMPC and wanted to wish you luck, not that you need it. Exceptional work! And truly inspiring. I've also been with for several years & have my website through them. I think I may know you, but their are more than one Bob Peterson in the area. Do you know Dave Markoff, MD & Donald Russell, MD? I worked for both of them & I often chatted with Bob Peterson who used to have an OBGYN practice. If it is you shame on you for not sharing that you did photography.... anyway... even if it isn't you, I hope to cross paths with you someday.... maybe some of that outstanding talent would rub off on me. Take care Previous Response:
from Bob Peterson
on February 08, 2009
 hi Joyce, and thank you for the kind words. I too, wish you the best of luck though it is nice just being a part of the "production". I will miss opening night but do hope to make the Photographers Reception in late March and hopefully will see you there. I am still in practice, though just GYN and just 3 d/wk as I've had back disability since 2000. I was at Piedmont O/G in Hickory, for 20+ yrs prior with Frank McDonell and had a lot of wonderful experiences. Again, best to you and hope to see u soon. bp 

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